About us

Welcome to EFO College

We started in 2010 as EFO Consulting, specializing in Flight Dispatch Training and consulting. 

The company was registered in 2012 and officially traded as EFO College (Pty) Ltd since March 2016

We are proud to announce that we are approved with SACAA under Part 141 ATO CAA 0033 and also holds accreditation with Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA) as authorized by South Africa Qualification Authority (SAQA) in the form of registration number TETA13-373.

Applications are currently under process with Education, training and development practitioner (ETDP) Seta in order to become an approved provider for Facilitator, Assessor and moderator training programs. 

EFO Purpose

Our purpose is to Educate, Motivate and Facilitate current and future aviation enthusiasts. 

Company Vision

EFO vision is to be the leading aviation training provider in Africa and locally with our passion for people and knowledge transfer, implementation and maintaining of the latest tools and knowledge to promote safer air operations through training and support structures.

Company Mission

We strive to be the most highly recommended aviation training provider. Through a solid knowledge base, we aim to educate and empower each individual to operate professionally and with integrity. Through high standards our promise is to deliver proficient operatives for the aviation industry.

Company Values

EFO College values each individual’s vision and respect. Our values are based on respect for our piers and individuals as every member of the team as well as client involved with EFO has the right to earn respect.

EFO Quality Policy Statement

EFO Quality assurance is defined as all those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide confidence that all operations and training are conducted in accordance with all applicable requirements, standards and operational procedures.

Our quality assurance is comprised of two principal elements, namely, Monitoring and Corrective action.  Monitoring is accomplished through:

a.       Line quality control functions, wherein line management checks activities in its own area; and

b.       Quality audits, wherein the Quality Assurance Department examines the totality of the Quality Management System area by area.

The second element, Corrective Action, represents the rectification of root causes that have been identified either in line quality control activities or in quality audits.

EFO Strive to maintain our exceptional Quality of training and client services, and we will do all required to maintain our high standard of training.

Our clients are considered our biggest asset, and should you feel in any way that we may improve our product to you, service received or training requirements not met. We will need to hear back from you.

We pledge the commitment of our staff to accommodate your training needs as far as possible.

Our strategy and technique have proven itself in our international relationships and service delivery to neighboring countries and internationally and we believe in our product delivery and staff.

Please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay with EFO College.