Base Operators Telephony Course (BRT001)
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Base Operators Telephony Course (BRT001)
The BRT course is is designed in line with the requirements of ICAO, ITU, ICASA and SACAA. Structured around the requirements of SAQA US 120150 as syllabus guide will provide to the learner the opportunity to be allocated credits on the NQF....
Dangerous Goods Online Training (DG 001)
Dangerous Goods Online Training (DG 001)
The following course is for exclusive use on Regulated Cat 10, 11 and 12 recurrent training.
FOO Complete Course (FOA 001)
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FOO Complete Course (FOA 001)
The Flight Operations Officer (Flight Dispatch) Course is designed in line with ICAO Doc 7192 AN/857 Part D3 and the National Diploma: Flight Dispatch SAQA 59256. The qualification aims to equip learners with the ability to produce flight...
FOO Recurrent Course (FOR 001)
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FOO Recurrent Course (FOR 001)
FOO Recurrent courses provided annually to all qualified clients. Course content for this course is designed and maintained to update the candidate with the latest information in industry as well as provide refreshment of the generic...
Cessna 208 Type specific course (FOT 003)
FOO Type Training
Cessna 208 Type specific course (FOT 003)
Cessna 208 Type specific training program, covering all subjects required in order to qualify on type
Train the Trainer (TTC 001)
Train the Trainer (TTC 001)
Train the Trainer is a course designed to facilitate the learning of a trainer in order to facilitate such an individual with the ability to facilitate abet type education. The course is designed to be completed over 5 days full time or...
Weight and Balance Initial (W&B 001)
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Weight and Balance Initial (W&B 001)
This EFO Weight and Balance Course gives the learners the ability to perform aircraft weight and balance calculations, using data selected for the specific operation and by applying the appropriate rules in order to ensure the safe and optimal...